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  • Clean, crisp, high contrast, black and white art without halftones, tints or line screens are accepted.
  • Art should not need touch-up work, designing or color separations in order to be used.
  • Faxes, thermographs, business cards, letterheads and printed materials, such as ads or magazine pages, are not camera-ready art.
  • Alexander is not responsible for type errors on camera-ready art.


  • Fonts can be specified.
  • In the event Alexander does not have a specified font, we can purchase that font, if possible, for an additional charge or we will match the font as closely as possible.
  • If a font or color is not specified, all text will be set in Arial using black ink on light items or white ink on dark items.
  • For an exact duplication of text-based logos, we recommend an Adobe Illustrator® vector art file with text converted to curves/outlines.


  • $50(G) minimum for first 30 minutes.
  • An additional $50(G) per 30 minute increments.
  • Charges will vary with the complexity of the art and must be approved by the client before proceeding.


  • Alexander will keep all submitted artwork for two years.
  • Upon request, art will be returned.


  • Alexander uses the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator®, Photoshop® and Acrobat® in a PC-based production facility.
  • Other software files are accepted as long as the file is saved or exported as a true .eps file and not merely renamed as one.
  • Acceptable file formats include: .eps, .ai, .pdf and .cdr.
  • Vector art files should embed all high-resolution images and convert all text to curves/outline. If this is not possible, all image files, screen and printer fonts should be included with art.
  • Photoshop/full-color images/bitmap/.pdf files must be at least 300 dpi at 200 percent of actual size.
  • If compressing art is necessary, most .sit and .zip files can be uncompressed by Alexander. We cannot accept .sea files.Photoshop/full-color images/bitmap/.pdf files must be at least 300 dpi at 200 percent of actual size.
  • All art must specify PMS coated colors if applicable. Alexander does not use PMS uncoated colors in its printing methods.
  • Nongraphic programs like Microsoft Office® (i.e., Microsoft Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, etc.) will be returned as unacceptable art file formats as well as logos, images and text captured from the Web.


  • PC-formatted DVDs or CDs are accepted with a hard copy of the art for reference. E-mail art to and include distributor name, purchase order number and contact name in the subject line. Also, fax a hard copy to 1-800-391-2539 for a reference point.


  • $12(G) paper or e-mail proofs available prior to production.
  • Production timeline starts from proof approval.


  • Alexander promotional products are available with 21 different imprint ink colors at no additional charge.
  • If a color other than described below is needed, be certain to specify the PMS coated color number or name.
  • There is a $45.00(G) charge for a requested color that is not on the list shown here.

NOTE: Because of printing limitations and product color, PMS coated colors will be reproduced as close to the actual color as possible. Cannot match exact PMS colors on digitally printed items.